Industrial Technology

IoT technologies and platforms are transforming the industrial world.

With the emergence of cloud computing, compute power is essentially limitless and very low cost. Mass storage of data is also inexpensive and readily available. Advanced sensor technology and high-speed connectivity is everywhere. Advanced analytics and machine learning provide tools and techniques for handling and utilizing prodigious amounts of data that now is created and captured.

Next-Generation Connection

Smart phones and connected consumer devices are having a profound effect on everyday living.  By using similar IoT technologies and platforms, a potentially more impactful transformation is happening in the industrial world.

Together, these enablers allow for highly-capable, connected, and flexible machines that can be developed rapidly and affordably compared with previous generation industrial machines. Together these enablers have created the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 digital transformations.

Use Cases

Applications of IoT and cloud architectures across industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, electronics, semiconductors and energy are revolutionizing the industrial base of the US and globally.

  • Manufacturing robots and automation

  • Automated warehouses

  • Connected manufacturing equipment

  • Automated asset tracking

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Smart cities

  • Smart grid

  • Smart meters

  • Predictive analytics for manufacturing optimization

  • Smart energy management

  • 3D printing

  • Mass customization – customized products, on demand​

Case Studies

Climb™ Platform Enhancements | CoreTEC Industrial IoT System | Smart Filtration Systems Initiative


What Makes Us Different, Is What Makes Us Better

We develop innovative software solutions for companies undertaking a digital transformation of their current technology to better compete in today’s cloud-based marketplace.

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​By applying world-class software development services and market-leading technology, we help companies like yours increase their productivity and win the competitive advantage.

We are VividCloud

IOT Development

We can help transform existing industrial and legacy products into smart, connected devices as exciting as any consumer product.

Healthcare Technologies

We develop secure and HIPAA complaint applications and systems for the healthcare market. Software for wearable devices, cloud systems for claims processing, and AI assisted telemedicine.

Ingenuity On Demand

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