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You’re working a digital transformation at your company. VividCloud will implement your vision and bring the transformation to life. Our expertise is on Cloud development, IoT, and Big Data—the core elements of your transformation. And, we’re an onshore company, that means 100% of our people are Here in the U.S. Being close allows us to understand you better, and help you faster.

Yes. At VividCloud we use the best, and most robust platforms. We’re an AWS Consulting Partner—the clear leader in cloud computing, considered second to none. Every one of our developers is AWS certified, and we specialize in the AWS platform for Cloud, IoT, and Big Data development.

Our team is made up of experienced and talented industry professionals who deliver stellar design and architectural depth to every project. And because our engineering center is located in Brunswick, Maine, we’re able to keep our costs down and pass these savings on to you. What’s more, our sales offices are in areas close to your place of operation, so we’re local and available for onsite projects with your team when you need us.

The theoretical cost-savings of hiring an offshore company are too often that—theory. In truth, myriad factors drive offshore costs up: management problems, quality control issues, and security risk. VividCloud is in the U.S., which means we can travel to you and your customers when you need us. You’ll have the security you need for your company’s sensitive data, proprietary software, and intellectual property. We communicate freely, operate transparently, have great agility, and perform reliably. And we do it at a terrific price.

Yes. Here Engineering assembles talented developers into Agile Development Teams tailored to the technical requirements, experience levels, and special needs of your project. Our agile teams integrate with your team seamlessly through scrum meetings and daily standups—along with your internal processes and methodologies. Every member of our team is plugged in and remains fully transparent.


We can. We recruit talent relentlessly in order to maintain a robust pipeline of developers with expertise throughout the industries we service. We’ve also made the commitment to enhance already successful developers with additional training and internal experience to ensure we produce a continual stream of leading-edge talent that meets the ever-evolving demands of Cloud, IoT, and big data tech. An important part of our business model is to train engineers on AWS, making this investment so our clients won’t have to. With each new project, we assemble an Agile Development Team from our existing staff, and draw from our pipeline of developers with the right expertise for your project.

It’s a simple promise, really. We are committed to professional and honest management practices and we make sure that our work is always in plain view. Successes and accomplishments are easy to share, but we also face challenges and difficulties openly and resolve them as they occur, making sure you’re always fully informed.

Mission critical. If you ask us, communication and transparency go hand in hand. An informed client is a powerful asset to our mutual success. In-person daily communication through standups, scrum meetings, messaging tools, email, and telephone calls—to well-commented code and delivery documentation—Here Engineering shares openly and communicates at every level, every step of the way.


We are disciples of the Agile development methodology. We are agile when you choose to engage with us through a business experience that is frictionless and flexible with a simple one-page sheet of T’s and C’s. We are agile in the way we assemble just the right team for your project, and augment your internal resources best for the project. And we remain agile through MVPs and validated learning as we implement your company’s vision. If the needs of the project changes mid-stream, we pivot and adapt to the new requirements and goals, adding or reducing members of our team to fit the new mission.

VividCloud was founded by 30-year industry veterans who have been trusted to get the job done by many clients, over many projects, and over many years. We understand that we’re not successful until you’re successful, so we bring our best game every day. Everyone at VividCloud can be relied upon to contribute in tangible ways to the success of your project, and we stand behind our work and performance.


At VividCloud, each of our Agile teams is assembled to meet your specific needs. Some clients and projects require extremely creative and outgoing talent to be the sparkplug of the engine. Other clients need highly analytical people with great depth in the science and engineering disciplines used in the product under development. Other projects demand a team that can cover a lot of ground rapidly in a heads-down focused manner. We pay attention to your company’s dynamics and project personalities to ensure that you get the right team working in sync with every part of your project.

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