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Our Services


Innovative Software Solutions Built to Disrupt

Our cloud expertise and the people behind it allow for better outcomes, engaging experiences and competitive pricing.

At VividCloud, we develop innovative software solutions for companies seeking to compete better in today’s marketplace. We help them accomplish their digital transformation by developing new Cloud native applications and systems, moving existing products to the Cloud, changing ordinary devices into smart, connected IoT ‘things’, and by turning big data into business opportunities. Adios competition.

Cloud Design & Development

Dynamically Scalable
Highly Available
Serverless / Containers
Data Management
Cyber Security

Cloud Transformation

Re-architect for Cloud Native
Infrastructure as Code
Application Refactoring
MVP/Pilot Projects
Test Automation

IoT Development

Industrial Devices
Device Management
Streaming Data

Enterprise Solutions

Custom Enterprise Applications
LAMPS / Windows
Front-end / Back-end
Modernization / Technical debt

Systems Development

Realtime / Near-realtime Development
Automation / Control
Embedded  Applications 
Networking / Communications
Error Detection / Recovery


Tomorrow-proof your technology

VividCloud builds custom Cloud, IoT, and mobile solutions scaled to your business needs.

We use the most sophisticated engineering platforms, languages, and tools in the industry—which allow us to design the most intelligent solutions, no matter the challenge. And because we have a full spectrum of technology at our disposal, we can free you from old platforms and rising Big Data problems that can limit your options and ability to grow.